Telefonía y Video inteligente

Product Description

Television is not just for entertainment anymore. For building managers and owners looking for new services that can generate additional revenues, Nevotek NevoTV is the answer. Make your property stand out among the rest by giving users more than they could have ever imagined from TV.

NevoTV integrates voice, video, and data into an IP network to deliver customized content and services through TV. We’ve transformed the television set into a powerful IP appliance that provides building managers, owners, and tenants alike with access to services like property information, communications tool, and environmental controls.

For building managers, NevoTV becomes the control center. Thanks to the IP backbone, data, voice, building management, back office, and environmental controls are synchronized and streamlined. And, there’s no longer any need for an expensive cable TV infrastructure. Plus, with NevoTV, you can offer advanced IT services to tenants and guests, including voice mail, fax, email, web browsing, text messaging, pay TV, and video on demand. You can also promote building services, such as the gym or spa, and broadcast ads for local businesses. All kinds of buildings can benefit from NevoTV-from hotels that want to enhance the guest experience with added services like in-room music and temperature controls to office complexes where users can deliver corporate broadcasts, training, and daily updates to employees.

No matter what type of building you own or manage, NevoTV can be a real boon to your operational efficiency, your end-user services, and your revenues. Our IP-based technology that converges voice, video, and data delivered over TV opens up a world of possibilities for everyone.

Product Solutions

  • Integrate information from all major building systems and extend building specific information about facilities and activities, maintenance, and billing trough TV over an IP network
  • Generate additional revenue by offering personalized entertainment services, such as pay-per-view TV and video on demand along with ads for local business
  • Provide high-speed data and communication services such as high-speed Internet access, email, fax, text messaging and telephony
  • Empower users to control their physical enviroment-temperature, lights and curtains-by allowing them to access via TV IPTComfort, Nevotek’s IP-based building management system
  • Enjoy flexible, scalable building-wide convergence and functionality