Amplia Integración con PMS

Integrated Platform Management System

An integrated platform management system (IPMS) is a distributed architecture system used on board ships and submarines for the real-time monitoring and control of the vessel’s hull, mechanical, electrical and damage control machinery and systems. Typical machinery, equipment and systems monitored and controlled by the IPMS include propulsion engines, gearboxes, fixed/controllable pitch propellers, power generation sets, power distribution switchboards and electrical distribution centres, damage control machinery such as fire pumps, and auxiliary machinery systems for heating, ventilation, air conditioning, chilled water, etc. In essence, the IPMS controls all of the equipment on board a warship, excluding the combat related weapons/sensors and the ship’s communication andnavigation equipment.

Product Description

If you’re in the highly competitive hotel business, you’re challenged with differentiating your brand every day. Business travelers and vacationers are demanding entertainment, technology, and communication services that match the sophistication of their home or office devices. You want to make sure your guests are happy during their stay, and you want to keep them coming back for return visits.

Nevotek V/IP Connect gives hotel managers and owners a way to step up to these challenges and create additional opportunities for revenue by offering new services to satisfy customer needs. V/IP Connect efficiently converges all your communications systems into a single Cisco IP platform, which lowers your costs and streamlines operations.

In the traditional hotel room, guest services might include autodial buttons on the phone for wake-ups calls, room service, and housekeeping; printed listings of pay TV programs and movies; and printed menus. V/IP Connect consolidates all these services with easy-to-change menus on phones, TVs, and computer screens. And, with V/IP Connect, you can offer guests an array of new services: high-speed Internet access, programmable autodial buttons on the phone, delivery of targeted ads and announcements by phone or TV, integrated messaging for email, voice, and fax, self-service conference calls, in-room environmental controls, and much more.

V/IP Connect is also a boon for hotel operators. Not only can you make available new, revenue-generating services, but you also reduce the cost of ownership and operations by implementing V/IP Connect, which is based on the Cisco® Call Manager platform. Since Call Manager phones are connected via local area network (LAN), you can replace expensive PBX and IVR equipment with one system that uses low-cost Internet technology. Because V/IP Connect is a single application that runs on a single server and takes full advantage of the power of the IP network, you’ll reduce your hardware expenses. V/IP Connect also simplifies and streamlines management and IT tasks, such as telephone security and administration, in-room environmental controls, and billing for services.

Product Solutions

  • Provide guests with services that make them feel right at home-from tailored information delivery (currency exchange rates, weather, stock quotes, maps) based on personal profiles to Internet access-whether they’re traveling for business or pleasure
  • Allow for system data entry from any hotel phone for all personnel-front desk, office reception, restaurant workers, security staff, and housekeepers
  • Supplement revenues with services like in-room advertising, conference calls, meeting room bookings, and high-speed Internet access-and get a swift return on your investment
  • Ease the maintenance and management burden and spend less on servers and other hardware
  • Customize standard application modules based on Cisco standards to meet the unique needs of your hotel and your guests